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Rounding_Rules_for_Drug_Calculations_for_Adults - than 1 cc...

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Adelphi University Professor Gallagher Rounding Rules for Drug Calculations for Adults IV DRIP RATES: Round to whole numbers 13.3 gtts/min = 13 gtts/min 80.5 cc/hr = 81 cc/hr INJECTABLE MEDICATIONS: Round to the nearest tenth for any volume over 1 cc 1.75 cc = 1.8 cc Round to the nearest hundredth for any volume less
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Unformatted text preview: than 1 cc 0.666 cc = 0.67 cc ORAL SOLUTIONS: Round to the nearest whole number for any volume over 10 ml 12.7 cc = 13 cc Round to the nearest tenth for any volume less than 10 ml 8.72 cc = 8.7 cc POUNDS TO KILOGRAMS: Always round kg to the nearest tenth 74 lbs = 33.63 kg = 33.6kg...
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