World Politics--Uganda presentation

World Politics--Uganda presentation - FLAG Adopted when...

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FLAG: Adopted when Uganda gained independence Center: grey-crowned crane; national symbol Black stripe: African people Yellow stripe: Africa’s sunshine Red stripe: symbolizes the African brotherhood (color of blood through which all Africans are connected) UGANDA: Slightly smaller than Oregon BASICS: Capital of Uganda (Kampala) During the colonial years, Kampala served as the headquarters of the British colonial administration Population 50% of the population is under the age of 14 Only 2.2% of the population is over 64 Life Expectancy: about 48 (as of 2004) This is due in large part to AIDS (In 2001 there were about 530,000 people living with HIV/AIDS---that’s almost the exact population of the city of Portland, Oregon) Religion Christians make up the largest part of Uganda's population 2 nd most popular religion is Islam Literacy Rate male: 79.5% female: 60.4% GDP Per Capita ranked number 190 (as compared to the U.S. which is ranked 10 th ) POLITICAL STRUCTURE: Picture: Current President Yoweri Museveni Legal system based on English common law and African customary law (African customary law can only apply when it isn’t in conflict with the English common law)
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President appoints members of the High Court; judges for the Court of Appeal are nominated by the president and approved by the legislature President is also head of military President selects the cabinet from members of the National Assembly The Prime Minister assists the president in the supervision of the cabinet and other tasks National Assembly: 303 members, 214 are directly elected; the rest are nominated from special groups (women, armed forces, disabled)---members serve 5 year
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World Politics--Uganda presentation - FLAG Adopted when...

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