Amn. Govt. & Politics--Post Election Sum. & Analysis

Amn. Govt. & Politics--Post Election Sum. &...

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Robertson 19 November 2006 The hotly contested race for a seat in the House of Representatives in Florida’s district 22 has come to an end, with Democratic challenger, Senator Ron Klein, coming out on top. Klein won the election by a margin of 51% to Shaw’s 47%; Klein received 107,357 votes, while Shaw received 99,255 votes. These results proved recent polls, showing Klein steadily gaining points while Shaw slowly lost them, were correct. This election ended drastically different than the 2004 election where Shaw carried 63% of the vote to the challenger’s 35%. The outcome of this election sealed one more seat in the House for Democrats, which further aided them in taking over the House. This race was one of the crucial races for Republicans, as it was one of the toss- ups that needed to be picked up by the Republicans if they were to retain their majority in the House. Throughout the campaigning process of this election, Incumbent Shaw repeatedly attempted to distance himself from President Bush and localize the election. However, all over
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Amn. Govt. & Politics--Post Election Sum. &...

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