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2-13-08 - pennies got in his pocket I don’t understand...

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Chris Blanco Phil206 2/13/08 Cosmological Argument Journal Question #1 In response to the question: “If you can explain each individual member, then have you explained the series itself?”, I believe that the answer is yes. The example with the pennies stated in Vern’s email is a prime example that proves this point. When one person describes how each penny got in his pocket, he explained how each penny individually got in his pocket. The other person questioning him then argues that he answered how each penny got in his pocket individually, not correctly answering the question of how the ten
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Unformatted text preview: pennies got in his pocket. I don’t understand how there could be any other way of answering this question. If each penny had a separate and individual way of entering the man’s possession, then you must explain how each one got in there if you were to fully explain how the collective group became into being. If one was to list and describe each part of a series, then one can fully explain the series. There is no way to explain the entire collective group if you cannot explain each individual set in the series....
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