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Chris Blanco Phil 206, 2/27/08 11:30-12:20 Session Topic #2 Q:   Read the last sentence of Zach’s letter on p. 112, and compare it with what Zach says in  the first full paragraph on p. 135. Does Zach contradict himself? Why or why not? A:   I believe that Zach does contradict himself.  In the last sentence on page 112, Zach  basically states that there are always going to be more and more basic structures discovered,  most likely for all of humankind’s existence.  Then on page135, he moves on to state that there  is always a beginning to everything, even theories.  This contradicts what he said previously; he 
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Unformatted text preview: first says that there will always be more basic structures discovered, but the second statement states that there is a beginning point to start everything. It’s almost like comparing it to the argument made about cutting cells in half. If one were to cut a cell in half continuously, would there ever be a point that it is impossible to cut in half again? Is there an end to how far back something can be traced, or does it continue back infinitely? He contradicts himself and just doesn’t seem to take a definite stance on the topics....
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