Lecture - Social Construction on sexuality Sociological...

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Social Construction on sexuality Sociological terms Ÿ Norms- social standards of appropriate behavior Ÿ Values- beliefs about why norms are good and appropriate Ÿ Ideology- belief system that justifies/challenges particular social arrangements( ex, Religion, science) Ÿ Inequality/stratification- system for ranking society members based on certain characteristics(related to distribution of resources and status). Techniques of Social control Ÿ Violence or the threat of violence Ÿ Political sanctions Ÿ Economic sanctions Ÿ Threat of ostracism Ÿ Ridicule and gossip Ÿ Persuasion of intimates Ÿ Internalization of norms Ÿ Agents of social control?- Media, Friends, Police, State, You and Me Berger Social Control Ÿ The system of rewards and punishments( positive and negative sanctions) that ensure (most) people adhere to the socially agreed upon standards of behavior(I.e.) What is sexuality? Ÿ All the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are recognized as sexual in a society (cont. U.S.) and the meanings attached to them. Ÿ Why Study sexuality? Ÿ Historical- changes in sexuality over time Ÿ Political- linked to broader issues of control and inequality Ÿ Social- influences contemporary life Sexual Pioneers Ÿ Religious authority transitioned to science Ÿ Religious leaders, sacred texts, revelation Ÿ Scientists, scientific texts, experimentation Ÿ Sexologists created new discipline of inquiry Ÿ Findings did not occur in a social vacuum Ÿ Richard Von Kraft Ebbing
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Lecture - Social Construction on sexuality Sociological...

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