3-26-08 - one future is physically possible This is because...

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Chris Blanco Phil206 Sec 04/01 3/26/08 In regards to the argument about how people cannot be morally responsible unless they  act  freely, I would have to argue for that argument.  It is a reasonable argument and I can  understand where Zach is coming from.  In regards to the example about the car being stolen, if  one were to steal a car because that person truly wanted to steal the car and chose to do it on  his or her own free will, than freewill is being put into play.  At the time of the theft of the car, his  brain and all of his bodily states were fully intended on stealing the car and were “fully  guaranteed by the past and the laws of nature”.  Therefore, given that determinism is true, only 
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Unformatted text preview: one future is physically possible. This is because one cannot control the past or the laws of nature. The fact that "hardly anyone denies that we humans are sometimes morally responsible," provides evidence that humans do have free will if they are to make their own decisions and come up with their own results. A widely accepted presupposition is not necessarily a true statement. Although it may be widely known to be true in society’s views and logic, we have no way to tell if it is actually true, given that our knowledge is limited and confined to this day and age....
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3-26-08 - one future is physically possible This is because...

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