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SHS 330 Final - With media and children, the key thing...

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With media and children, the key thing parents must know is that they are the key. Media can have negative and positive effects on children. For example, too much use of media can take away all social interaction. On the other hand, media could also facilitate conversations because children could talk with other people about shows they both watch. Also, the use of proper media can facilitate story telling and problem solving abilities, such as computer games like Rodger Rabbit. But, media could also distort a child’s sense of reality, because they do not understand what is real or how to communicate what is real. For example, with violent media, children learn that violence is the way to deal with things instead of using their words to communicate. The key with media is to monitor how much and what kind children use. Parents should play with their child, explain the difference between media and reality, pick educational media, choose media that supplement previous knowledge, and talk to children about the media. Playing with children allows monitoring of the situation; picking media that is educational ensures that your child is learning new things to talk about. Explaining the media ensures that a child’s sense of reality is not distorted. Choosing shows that supplement knowledge ensures kids will understand the topic and can practice their language by talking about it. Talking with children about media adds a social component to media, allowing for language development. Parents should not let their children use media all day long, use violent media, use un-previewed media, play games with a too advanced theme, or leave all opinions up the their children. If children use media all day long, they
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lose all social interaction, which means they will not develop socially or in language skills. Media with violence does not teach them how to work through problems with words. Parents need to preview media first to ensure that the topics and content are appropriate and educational. Using media with too advanced themes confuses children and doesn’t allow them to gain any new language for language development. And, if you let just let kids decide what they think about the media, they may get false ideas about how to solve problems and reality. From infancy to one year old, real talking should not be expected.
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SHS 330 Final - With media and children, the key thing...

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