Assignment1 - English 110 The Generation Gap David...

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English 110 10/10/07 The Generation Gap David Sedaris’s “Get Your Ya-Ya’s Out” is essentially the story of Sedaris’s family and their strained, sometimes complicated relationships with each other. The story is centered on Ya Ya, Sedaris’s paternal grandmother. Ya Ya has traditions and morals that even her own son cannot always understand. Her antics, once Ya Ya is living with Sedaris and his family in their home, drive Sedaris’s mother, Sharon, to threaten a divorce. However, once Ya-Ya’s kooky lifestyle and the abstruse relationships are looked past, it is clear that Sedaris’s essay stresses the considerable gap between the generations involved in the story (Ya-Ya’s generation, the mom and dad’s generation, and the generation of the grandchildren) in both attitudes and values. In terms of attitude toward family importance, Ya Ya has an astronomically different opinion than those of her son and grandchildren. Ya Ya “regarded her grandchildren as if [they] were savings bonds” (Sedaris 24), as people that were worth investing her time in. This is possibly just because they were family, or maybe because they were “destined to return to [Ya- Ya’s] village” (25). Ya Ya thought a good life was the life she had back in Greece, and wanted that life for her grandchildren. Ya Ya also liked to dote on her grandchildren, often referring to Sedaris as “my dearest little golden bird in a nest” (29), and telling him to get the baby so they could give him candy (29). She liked spoiling them. However, this spoiling led the grandchildren to “view [their] Ya Ya as a primitive version of an ATM machine” (29). Specifically, Sedaris saw her as “a benign ghost, silent and invisible until you needed a little
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Assignment1 - English 110 The Generation Gap David...

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