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Essay 6: The constitutional issue that this case addresses is the contract clause. The exact wording of the constitution is that “No State shall pass any law impairing the Obligation of Contracts.” The MRBC is arguing that the new bridge infringes upon their rights because the toll free bridge will strip them of their profits. This example is very similar to the Supreme Court case Proprietors of Charles River Bridge v. Proprietors of Warren Bridge . In this case, the Charles River Bridge Company (CRBC) is suing the Warren Bridge Company (WBC) so that the WBC cannot construct a new bridge between Boston and Charleston. The Supreme Court ruled in this case that the new charter did not violate the contract clause because 1) it was in the interest of the people and was being done for the common good and 2) because the contract did not specifically state, nor did it imply, that this was the only charter that would be given out and that the CRBC would have no competition. I feel that the court would rule the same way in the example provided. The MRBC does not have exclusive rights to bridge building in that area and there is a need for another bridge for the common good of the people. Essay 7: The Baker v. Carr case was, on the surface, about reapportionment. When the voting districts of Tennessee were created they were more fair; however, in the many years that past they became inaccurate. The industrialization and urbanization of cities like Memphis left them with large populations with little representation. One figure
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coursehero4 - Essay 6: The constitutional issue that this...

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