Prospectus of Critical Biography of Alexander Graham Bell

Prospectus of Critical Biography of Alexander Graham Bell -...

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Erik Widharma Prospectus of Critical Biography of Alexander Graham Bell Econ 330 – Fall 2007 Alexander Graham Bell was one of the most notable people in the world whose contribution plays significant role in history of telecommunication. He was being famous and commonly credited as the first inventor of the telephone. The telephone obsoletes the telegraph, which was the nervous system of commerce on that time. As a matter of fact, new invention in technology supports the evolutionary process in capitalism. The world of capitalism will not be the same as we see today without the telephone. The telephone is considered as one of telecommunication devices that trigger information era, mostly distinguished by the Internet. The Internet (dial-up connection) uses telephone line to connect the computer to the Internet although high-speed internet nowadays works with dedicated network cable. Although wireless telephone service becomes more and more popular, the invention of the Internet has
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Unformatted text preview: not yet obsoletes the telephone. Nowadays, the telephone is still being the nervous system of commerce, alongside Internet-based communication. Alexander Graham Bell was a scientist, academic scholar, inventor, and innovator. I am also surprised when I found out about a connection between a company he founded in 1878, Bell Telephone Company, and a current major telecommunication company, AT&T. This proves that Bells invention, the telephone, is accountable in changing the world of telecommunication. Therefore, I am proud of having the opportunity to write his biography. Sources: I have yet constructed the completed list of sources but I have gathered couple sources (listed below), as well as using the internet as a minor aid for self-knowledge. Matthews, Tom. 1999. Always Inventing : A Photobiography of Alexander Graham Bell . Washington, D.C.: National Geographic Society. 2006. 1000 Events That Changed America . Skokie, Illinois: Rand McNally & Company....
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Prospectus of Critical Biography of Alexander Graham Bell -...

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