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Experiment 17 Discussion

Experiment 17 Discussion - represents the experimental data...

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Experiment 17 Discussion In this lab a spectrophotometer was used to measure the oxidation of ethanol that takes place when chromic acid was mixed with ethanol (6 H 3 O + + 3 CH 3 CH 2 OH (aq) -> 3 CH 3 CHO (aq) + 2 Cr 3+ (aq) +14 H 2 O (l) ). The spectrophotometer detects the decreased absorption of light due to the reduction of Cr 6+ to Cr 3- . The experimental data was already obtained so the actual experiment was not performed and the predetermined experimental data was used to perform calculations for this experiment. The first and third column represent the time each absorption reading took place, the second column
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Unformatted text preview: represents the experimental data, and the last column is a modification of the experimental data in order to apply a regression line. This regression line will be used to determine the slope of the data. The slope 0.0095 nm/sec is the rate constant, k. With the rate constant the half-life of Chromic acid can be determined by using the equation ln 2/k, which is 72.96 seconds. This means it takes 72.96 seconds for the initial concentration of decrease by one half. The data appears to correlate with the regression line very well so it is doubtful there are any sources of error....
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