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You are the founder and president of a one-year-old company that has 6 employees, including your two brothers, one of who is single and the other with two children and one on the way. Neither of them is your best performing employee, but they both try hard and have both invested their own money into the company. To date, the company has been funded primarily by your savings account and investments from other family and friends and you’re now getting ready to hopefully close your first big account. You have a final presentation to the customer in the morning, and just found out that your previous sales manager (no longer with the company) had been telling the customer that a substantial regulatory hurdle was approved last month, when in reality the chances are very high that your product will get final approval, but not until next month.
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Unformatted text preview: The subject will probably not come up tomorrow, as it’s considered a non-issue by the customer based on what the sales manager had told him. Pending a successful presentation tomorrow, the customer is ready to place an order that won’t be shipped for several months – well after you expect regulatory approval. This one order could keep the company solvent for another 6 months and be the cornerstone for future product sales and company growth. If you lose this account, you might have to close, or at least lay off some employees. You’ve discussed this with your spouse who has always believed in you and has confidence that you’ll get the approval next month because you believe it. Explain what you really would do and why you would take that course. Please do not exceed two pages and remember to provide in-text citations....
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