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Tom Markou 9879-1134 PUR 3000 Writing Assignment Thank You for Smoking is a satire that follows the life of Big Tobacco’s media relations ace Nick Naylor as he systematically dismantles the daily assaults on the lucrative business from consumer groups, talk shows, and journalists. Naylor is part of a dinner group that goes by the name of “The Legion of Death”, along with public relations aces from the gun and alcohol industries. The group argues about whose product kills the most Americans. Nick is aptly named, as he always “nails” his opposition with sound arguments that make the other person both incorrect and somehow the one in the wrong. When on a morning talk show, Mr. Naylor is confronted by a young cancer patient who was a victim of second hand smoke. Nick somehow manipulates the hostile audience into believing that the tobacco company truly cares for the boy’s well being. Naylor leaves a hero. A true spin doctor, Nick is everything that public relations shouldn’t be. Mr. Naylor consistently breaks almost every stipulation of the PRSA code of ethics. He twists facts and figures, and even denies that there is a proven link between smoking cigarettes and developing lung cancer, all the while showing a complete lack of honesty. Nick Naylor also violates the Independence value by not being objective towards his line of work and most definitely not accountable for his actions. The media relations expert has lost his compassion for his publics and therefore has lost any sense of symmetry in
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PUR3000 - Tom Markou 9879-1134 PUR 3000 Writing Assignment...

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