money - Monetary Economics What follows is a very long list...

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1 Monetary Economics What follows is a very long list of papers related to the topics that will be covered in this course. Obviously, we will discuss explicitly only a fraction of this material, but it may be good to have an extensive bibliography. A separate abridged reading list will follow. I. Background, History, and History of Thought 1 G. McCandeless, A. Rolnick and W. Weber (1993) "What is Money?" and “How Money Evolved in the United States,” Chapters 2 and 3 in Money, Banking and Economic Activity , typescript. 2 Jack Weatherford (1997) The History of Money, New York: Three Rivers Press . 3 Glyn Davies (2002) A History of Money From Ancient Times to the Present Day , 3rd. ed. Cardiff: University of Wales Press. 4 Adam Smith (1776) "Of the Origin and Use of Money," Book I, Chapter IV, in An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations ; reprinted in Starr (1990). 5 W. Stanley Jevons (1875) Money and the Mechanism of Exchange , London: Appleton, Chapters I-III; reprinted in Starr (1990). 6 Karl Menger (1892) "On the Origin of Money," Economic Journal 2, 239-255; reprinted in Starr (1990). 7 Knut Wicksell (1911) Lectures on Political Economy,Vol. 2, Money , translated by E. Classen, 2nd ed., New York: Kelley, 1967. 8 Ludwig von Mises (1912) The Theory of Money and Credit . Translated by Harold E. Baston. Oxford: Alden, 1934. 9 John R. Hicks (1935) "A Suggestion for Simplifying the Theory of Money," Economica 2, 1-19; reprinted in Starr (1990). 10 Robert Clower (1965) "A Reconsideration of the Microfoundations of Monetary Economics," Western Economic Journal 6, 1-8. 11 Armen A. Alchian (1977) "Why Money?" Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking 9, 133-140. 12 R. A. Radford (1945) “The Economic Organization of a P.O.W. Camp,” Economica , Nov. 1945.
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2 II. Surveys 1 Joseph M. Ostroy and Ross M. Starr (1990) "The Transaction Role of Money," in Handbook of Monetary Economics , edited by B. Friedman and F.Hahn, Amsterdam: North-Holland. 2 Ross Starr (1990) General Equilibrium Models of Monetary Economics . New York, Academic Press. 3 Neil Wallace (1997) “Absence-of-Double-Coincidence Models of Money: A Progress Report,” Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review, Winter 1997. 4 Neil Wallace (1999) “A Dictum in Monetary Theory,” Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Quarterly Review, Winter 1999. 5 Peter Ruprt et al. (2000) “The Search-Theoretic Approach to Monetary Economics: A Primer,” Fed Res Bank of Cleveland Review 36, 10-28. 6 Victor Li (2000) II. Commodity Money Medium of Exchange Models 2 Nobuhiro Kiyotaki and Randall Wright (1989) "On Money as a Medium of Exchange," Journal of Political Economy 97, 927-954. 3
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money - Monetary Economics What follows is a very long list...

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