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Jessie Miller Draft 1.5 Due: Feb 7, 2008 Revise By: Feb 14 2008 Barack And Roll: Sweet Home Chicago In early 2004 if the average American heard the name Barack Obama he or she would expect to see a mocking image of an Arab, tastefully centered on the Six of Spades or the Nine of Hearts. Then August arrived, and with it one of the most important Democratic National Conventions in American history. As the star spangled banner faded the spotlight slid from the under-dressed pop singer mid-stage to the stage steps, and a young, confident looking African American with a funny name-Barack Obama-multi term Illinois state senator from Chicago campaigning for his first US Senate Seat. As the next 15 minutes of world history flew by, Barack gave a passionate, eloquent speech, his first time addressing the nation , he spoke about the need for change, getting Tex out of the White House, a hopeful future for his country. Then November rolled around Bush kept his chair and Barack-backed by the popularity of his speech at the DNC and his jazz concert with former President Bill Clinton in Dafur-Moved from his office in Chicago, to Washington D.C. But what twist of fate allowed this? How did one man change his stars from the son of an African Immigrant living in poverty in Hawaii to possibly the next leader of the free world? Where did he go right where so many failed? Was it natural talent? Pure Luck? The divine will of God? To try and answer these questions we can examine Obama’s roots, his family, and the man himself.
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Obama was born August 4 th , 1961, to a Kenyan exchange student father and a Kansas born white mother. His father was intelligent, hardworking, and very moral,
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New Microsoft Word Document (6) - Jessie Miller Draft 1.5...

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