Frankenstein Reader Response question one

Frankenstein Reader Response question one - From a young...

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From a young age I have been of a small stature, and in addition to this, many other upsetting and weakening cases of self-recognition have plagued my conscience. My abilities in such activities as my instinctual display of dominance, as well as physical limitations and inequalities in scholarly activities likened to abilities in physical education had been greatly affected with my trivial body size. In my childhood, I had many clinical or more medical issues than those of my age group who had come in contact with me, and some of these medical issues are still problematic to me today. When these issues were discovered by those of my age group, my medical conditions, and all other inadequacies, seemed to position me as if I were inferior to them in more aspects than I could count. Even within my family, my small size came to be a great disadvantage when it came to my brother and I engaging ourselves in various accounts of “brotherly love.” Although he was also no giant compared to his peers, he proved his dominance over me, and continuous defeats in battle lowered my self esteem in exponentially excessive increments. At school, I often found myself playing the pawn in my classmate’s inundating games, games with which I could relate my own experiences in my home. I often found myself forced into isolation, reaching out for acceptance and failing time after time. The only greeting I received from those I wished so energetically to relate with, was composed of forceful and painful kindergarten shoves into rows of coat hooks, as well as an array of childish, and nevertheless harmful verbal lashings. On account of my classmate’s actions, a strong bond with the children of the neighborhood, and more so
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Frankenstein Reader Response question one - From a young...

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