gramma's house - Gramma's house Paddy O'Brien (A.K.A....

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Gramma’s house Paddy O’Brien (A.K.A. Franky McCool) Mr. Beversdorf Composition Block four February 28 th, 2006
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The first memories I can recall when thinking of my grandmother’s house are very vague. I hadn’t spent very much time in her home during my elementary school years, so I cannot accurately describe the place without forgetting an exceptional amount of what I had seen and thought at the time. From what I can reminisce over, darkly stained wood and different variants of the colors green and yellow stick out more in these memories than anything else from that particular point in time. The house’s exterior was a dull green color with darkened wooden trim, and the insides were alive with brilliant hues of white and yellow, the same wooden trim, a big yellow refrigerator, front door, stove, counter tops, all mingled in with mahogany stained wooden cabinets, window frames, and interior doors. I remember I had thoroughly enjoyed the warmth and inviting atmosphere of this environment, and wanted, in a way unknown to me at the time, to spend more time within my grandmother’s home. As I progressed through my late elementary and early middle school years, a strong relationship between my grandmother and I developed, and I spent most of my time in her home, and could basically claim her guest bedroom as my very own. One room from her’s on the second floor, this room was inhabited by me and me alone, unlike the room at my actual house which was inhabited by both my brother and I. This room provided itself as a sanctuary for unbroken slumber, and peaceful contemplations my life’s most troubling events at the time. These particular years of my life had presented me with some of the most confusing and
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gramma's house - Gramma's house Paddy O'Brien (A.K.A....

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