twenty-one twenty-one essay

twenty-one twenty-one essay - Paddy O'Brien...

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Paddy O’Brien Earth/Environmental Science : Block 2 In the year 2121 (Human Impact Essay) Looking at the Earth’s population in 2121 compared to the global population of the time in which you are reading, one would automatically assume that the population has fallen over time. But in reality it has not, the global population has actually fluctuated in the last century or so, and rapidly grown in the past few decades. The predicted discovery of this time-sent document has been estimated to be somewhere around the year of 2008, and before man’s greatest and most devastating impact on mother earth. God only knows how we were able to sustain the polar ice cap, preventing a cataclysmic impact of global warming. This document is the second warning sent to your society, warning you of the destruction to come. In 2039, a branch of the same program in which this document was created sent a warning to you in the most physical and obviously important form possible. John Titor warned you of civil, global, and
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twenty-one twenty-one essay - Paddy O'Brien...

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