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art[1] - Todai Ji Temple"The Great Buddha Hall Replacement...

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Todai Ji Temple “The Great Buddha Hall” Replacement of the old building that burned down. Timber-frame construction Hipped roof curved form, Peaks upward to sky Made mostly of wood Largest wooden building in the world Ceramic Tile Roof Central Plan (square plan is central plan) Line-Rail Middle statue of Buddha Bronze cast in pieces and put together $50$ Bankrupt royal family and community there was a wall surrounding it for isolation and protection Ni-O by Kaikei or Unkei Protects Todai-Ji Exagerated muscles/face Made of wood and painted 26’ tall, pieced wood, carved 10 Original figures, Many people helped. he is a diety of buddism and it was originally painted bu it was rubbed off
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Monk Chogen Head Monk (Abbot) commissioned many things Prayer Beads – Signifies Status Carved of Wood and Painted Impermance of body Passing of time Portray as old person the monk was the head of the monestary, and it was displayed at his funeral Trinity, Massacio During the renaissance Scientific or Linear Perspective (one point perspective) Memento Muri – Reminder of Death Renaissance “rebirth” new interest in world around (nature) and looking at ancient Greece and Rome (Past) In picture God, Christ, Mary, and John Trinity commissioned for church FRESCO Three Patrons shown on bottom of work.
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  • Albrecht Durer Durer, Filippo Brunelleschi Brunelleschi, Painting Empirical Perspective, linear perspective/scientific perspective, Monk Chogen Head

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