Alcohol Use and Abuse

Alcohol Use and Abuse - Alex Peters A.) Clearly identify...

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Alex Peters A.) Clearly identify the moral dimension of the issue: The moral decision at hand is, is it okay to randomly encounter in sexual interaction with people while drunk? What will this do for someone in the long run? Are a few notches on the belt or bragging rights worth getting an STD? In the end, I will be hurting my reputation and possibly my health. B.) Who are the interested parties? What are their relationships? In this decision who can possibly be at stake? First and foremost you are at stake when randomly engaging in sexual encounters, the person you engage with, and all of the people that someone encounters after the prior encounter. First, you and your partner are at risk; either person can be at risk for and STD from each other. With at least twenty-five sexually transmitted diseases out in the world there is always a good chance that anyone can get a STD. Just because I wanted to drink excessively and try to find a partner to “hook-up” with is not worth getting sick or dying over. Usually, a person’s standards are lowered greatly while under the influence of alcohol. From personal experience I can vouch for the prior statement. I have a high respect for women and women of good moral standards, but while drunk it doesn’t seem to matter nearly as much. I think this is a problem for me and society. Too many people are going out to just find a one night stand and add notches to their belt. Due to recent events I have reconsidered what I have been doing and try to find girls with some self- respect and are good looking when I am sober.
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All of a person’s partners are at risk after their sexual encounters. Even when people have protected sex there is still a chance, even thou a small one, to get a STD. This is bad because some people are not going to get symptoms of the disease for an
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Alcohol Use and Abuse - Alex Peters A.) Clearly identify...

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