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Algebra 3 - 50 When we have an inequality such as x> 100...

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I am working on the systems of inequalities and my problem is Y>50 and X>100.   I  have to graph the inequalities to find the solution set, label the intersection, and then  select the intersection region. I had to use the two point graphing system. I have  everything done except labeling the graph, and I am apparently not finding the right  intersection because I am not getting the boxes ot type in my intersection points.  What am I doing or not doing wrong? When we have an equality such as y > 50, this means that the graph would be a  horizontal line.  No matter what the x value would be, y will always be greater than 
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Unformatted text preview: 50. When we have an inequality such as x > 100, this means that the graph would be a vertical line, no matter what the value of y is, x will always be greater than 100. Because the inequalities do not have the equal sign (i.e. not . . or r ), the boundary line will be a dotted one. To be able to graph this we would need to create some points For y > 50 (-200, 50) , (-100, 50), (0, 50), (100, 50), (200, 50) For x > 100: (100, -200), (100, -100), (100, 0) , (100,100), (100, 200)-150-100-50 50 100 150-150-100-50 50 100 150 x y I hope this helps. The point of intersection is at (100,50)...
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