Mngmnt Organizational Structure

Mngmnt Organizational Structure - structured did affect...

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Kelly Higgins 1. See attached chart. The laboratory is located in the military jet engine division because the article says that the manager of the laboratory reports to the manufacturing manager in the military jet engine division. 2. The conflicts between Ms. Hodge and Mr. Franklin are partially because of clashing personalities but also partly because of the way the organization is structured. When Mr. Garfield was the laboratory manager, he and Mr. Franklin got along well. Mr. Franklin worked well under Mr. Garfield because Mr. Garfield was prompt to address Mr. Franklin’s problems. It seems as though Mr. Garfield was more interested in the well-being of his employees than personal gain. However when Ms. Hodge came in, her intentions were much different and that’s what made her and Mr. Franklin clash. She saw the company as an “empire” and her the empress. She was never quick to address anything of Mr. Franklin’s. Aside from personal conflicts, the way the organization was
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Unformatted text preview: structured did affect their relationship. Ms. Hodge was the manager of the laboratory, which is a part of the military jet engines department. Mr. Franklin worked in the engineering department of the utility turbines division. Ms. Hodge should have been unbiased towards the different divisions since they all used the same laboratory, however, she favored the military jet engines division. She prioritized the military jet engines division over all else and it upset Mr. Franklin that he wasnt getting the same attention as when Mr. Garfield was the manager. Whatever the case may be, Ms. Hodge and Mr. Franklin do not work well together. 3. See attached chart. In the new structure, there is only one vice president to report to but more middle managers. The laboratory is in a separate division than the rest. It has its own manager. The manager is on the same level as the other managers, which makes it easier for communication. All divisions have access to the laboratory....
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Mngmnt Organizational Structure - structured did affect...

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