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coursehero8 - Peter Singer ~Wrote animals liberation...

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Peter Singer ~Wrote animal’s liberation ~taught at Princeton ~Germany gives animals rights in their constitution ~argues that we give humans equal rights regardless of intelligence. Why should we take away animals rights simply because of their lack of intelligence ~Not saying they should be treated equally, but should consider their interests equally and all beings have an interest in avoiding pain and should not have to suffer. ~ Agrees with Bentham who says that we exclude chimpanzees from moral consideration simply because they aren’t human; yet we include children and the mentally disabled even though their mental function does not match up to a chimpanzee. ~For Singer saying “Because theyre human!” is not good enough. To exclude the chimp from moral consideration simply because he's not human is no different from excluding the slave simply because he's not white. In the same way we'd call that exclusion racist,
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