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H. Richard Niebuhr “America’s Geographical Diversity Encourages Numerous Religious Denominations.” – Frontier churches. Growth and expansion lends itself to religious growth and expansion “Church Membership has Increased throughout American History, esp. in the most demanding groups” R. Laurence Moore “Religious Outsiders and Civil Religion” – Separation of church and state was not effective; Protestant evangelicals likes religious disestablishment but expected Americans would move toward a common faith similar to their beliefs; Protestants wanted the constitution to specifically say “Protestant Christian”; most people celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving, but do so in their own ways; religion in America provides structure in an unstructured society; America was a potential huge religious battleground, until consensus as a myth became believable. Bernal Diaz del Castillo described the replacement of Human Sacrifice with the cult of the Virgin Mary 1519 Cortes would not accept their gifts until they became ‘brothers’. They had to stop human sacrifice, homosexuality (boys dressed as women), the women needed to be Christians to get married, and abolish their false idols. The people refused to give up their gods, and Cortes ordered his men to forcibly destroy them. He had the temple cleaned and whitewashed and then put in a statue of the virgin. Mary Jemison describes the 5 feasts the Seneca celebrate the changing seasons 1750 - 1 st feast is giving thanks for the favorable weather etc. The Chiefs do most of it. they march in straight line 2 nd is after planting, thanks again. 3 rd is green corn feast, 4 th is after the corn harvest 5 th end of Jan/early feb. 2 white dogs are strangled and painted red, hung at the door of the council house. Then they frolic naked and get people to assemble. All fire is extinguished and they fire guns. The 2 nd day, they have bear skin on their legs and they beg for gifts. The 4 th or 5 th day, they wear masks, collect incense and take in all the sins of the tribe. 8 th or 9 th day, they take down the dogs and magically put all the sin into them and burn them. And then they feast. John Winthrop 1630 – we made a covenant with God, and need to have a godly settlement in order to be able to sustain ourselves . Be the city on a hill George Whitefield - preached predestination. Calvinist. Crossed eyes but ladies loved him. Emotional preacher, preached to slaves. People came from all over to hear him when we traveled. Maryland Religious Toleration –
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Studyguide - H. Richard Niebuhr "Americas Geographical...

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