FINAL EXAM - FINAL EXAM The nations of Germany and Italy...

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FINAL EXAM The nations of Germany and Italy have been unified, so the balance of power has been shifted. 1. Franco-Prussian War - 2. “Entangling alliances” - 3. Treaty of Frankfurt – 4. Alsace-Loraine – 5. War indemnity - 6. Bismarck – formulated Dual and Triple Alliance 7. Dual Alliance – alliance between Germany and Austria to form a buffer zone between Germany and Russia. 8. Triple Alliance – 1882 – Austria, Germany, and Italy 9. “escape clause” – this clause in the Triple Alliance treaty stating that if France attacked Germany first, then Italy would honor the treaty obligations and fight with Germany. If Germany attacked France first, then Italy would not fight. 10. Kaiser Wilhelm II (1888) – fires Bismarck. He is arrogant and impulsive. Bad move. *Now France will look for Allies against Germany. In 1904, France and Russia had signed an economic agreement where France would lend Russia money and technology to help them. The same friendly thing was done to Great Britain. This led to… 11. Triple Entente (1907) – the greatest achievement of French diplomacy. This allies Russia, Great Britain, and France. Entente = “friendly” 12. Balkans – all the small countries are looking for a big country to protect them. The Balkans have always been a trouble spot in Europe. 13. Serbia and Bosnia – tied to Russia by race, religion, and culture. Historically, Russia has been the protector of these two little countries. 14. Slavic – the nations of Serbia and Bosnia are called Slavic.
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15. Sarajevo – the capital of Bosnia. *At this point, Bosnia is a protectorate of Austria. It is being occupied by Austrian troops, even though traditionally it had been tied to Russia. The nation of Serbia is landlocked. Serbia wanted to take Bosnia for her seaports. These two nations hate each other, and have for centuries. *1908 – Bosnia is formally taken over by Austria, without consent from Russia. Russia wanted to react to this militarily, but Russia had been defeated in the…. 16. Russo-Japanese War (1905) – Russia had lost to Japan. Russia’s navy was gone, and the country was still healing from this war. Even if Russia wanted to protect Bosnia from the Austria, she wasn’t able to. 17. Archduke Franz Ferdinand – invited to Sarajevo, Bosnia, to review the Austrian troops on parade. 18. Black hand – Serbian terrorist group who planned the assassination of the Archduke, which was carried out June 28, 1914. *Austria made demands against Serbia to suppress all anti- Austrian propaganda. Serbia did not comply, so Austria declared war on Serbia on June 28, 1914. *Germany declares war on Russia PLANNED GERMAN ATTACK ON FRANCE: 19. Schlieffen Plan (1906) – drawn up by the German high command. Made eight years before the outbreak of the war, but a plan. If Germany attacked, then the eight weeks that it would take for Russia to get its troops together would be a good time to knock France out of the war early on. The plan was this:
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FINAL EXAM - FINAL EXAM The nations of Germany and Italy...

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