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One essay worth 40 points. 30 multiple choice questions worth 60 points. ESSAYS: Focus on the following: 1. The cause and results of the American Revolution. Would you argue that there was a birth of a nation, and how did that effect the path of world history? 2. The French Revolution. We know that is was two revolutions in one—it had both moderate and radical phases. How did it turn from moderate to radical? See chronology.
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Unformatted text preview: What were the causes and end result of this Revolution? 3. We saw that after the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte that we had a period called Persistant Revolution—revolutions all over the place. The Congress of Vienna made some mistakes when they re-drew the map of Europe—what were they? 4. The rise of Napoleon—did the French Revolution make him powerful? He came in power through a coup d’etat....
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