eng 1010 i gave the names analysis

eng 1010 i gave the names analysis - Haag1 Dustin Haag...

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Haag1 Dustin Haag Christina Ingoglia Eng 1010-32 4 December 2007 I Gave the Names “I learned that at the root of every fear I ever had, and every fear I would ever have, was the impossible thought, the horror, of my own extinction.” These words, expressed by Adrian Leftwich, appeared in the article “I Gave the Names”, published in Granta Magazine on June 15, 2002. This article, based on Leftwich’s tribulations as a political rights activist and how they lead to his expulsion from South Africa, describes how one’s fears and misunderstanding of personal capacity and ability can lead to a complete breakdown of will. Leftwich’s ability to establish an understandable, logical, and credible narrative for the average reader allowed for a very effective essay on the interrelation of truth, and change and conformity, with political activism. In July of 1964, Adrian Leftwich was arrested for his involvement with the political activist group known as the African Resistance Movement (ARM). In the weeks following his arrest, Leftwich was beaten and tortured into giving up the
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Haag2 names of, and even testifying against, others members involved in ARM. For years after his expulsion from South Africa, Leftwich lived in what he describes as a “half life”. During this time he struggled to find justification for the actions of betraying his friends. After finally accepting that he was wrong, Leftwich was able to rededicate his life and make it meaningful. Leftwich’s most important rhetoric in establishing this experience was his use of pathos. This article evoked several emotions very strongly. One way that the author was able to evoke these feelings was through the use of great detail. Although some of the main points the author made were described
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eng 1010 i gave the names analysis - Haag1 Dustin Haag...

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