History of Jazz - Mus 78A - Review for mid-term81

History of Jazz - Mus 78A - Review for mid-term81 - History...

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History of Jazz (78A) Review for Mid-Term Exam (West African Traditional Music through Small Ensembles) 1. In the example "Oya," the following West African musical concepts are featured: (circle all that apply) dynamics polytonal ostinato improvisation stratification falsetto syncopation polyphony tempo polymeter monophony 2. In the example "Jin-go-lo-ba," the ____________ or dundun is featured. talking drum shaker cowbell 3. The dundun is a pitched or unpitched instrument. (circle one) 4. The instrument family to which the mbira belongs is: a. chordophones b. membranophones c. idiophones d. aerophones 5. In the example "Oyin momo ado" (Sweet as Honey) what musical concept is featured? a. call-and-response b. falsetto c. monophony d. ostinato 6. The featured instrument the previous example is: a. dundun b. mbira c. shaker d. kudu 7. In "Calunga," the call-and-response pattern takes the following format: a. repetitious soloist / improvisatory response b. repetitious soloist / repetitious response c. improvisatory soloist / improvisatory response d. improvisatory soloist / repetitious response
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8. In "Bahl 'oman Bahl," from Jamaica, a. what characteristics of the song are most influenced fromWestern Europe: __________________________________________________ b. What characteristics are most influenced from West Africa (name two)? 1. ______________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________ 9. In “Georgia Lyon,” the rhythm may best be described as: a. ostinato b. improvised c. syncopated d. stratified 10. Name 5 characteristics of the African-American vocal aesthetic that you can hear in the field calls (selections 13 and 14 of CD 1): a. ___________________________________ b. __________________________________
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History of Jazz - Mus 78A - Review for mid-term81 - History...

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