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Final Review Questions - Music 78A REVIEW FOR FINAL...

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Music 78A: REVIEW FOR FINAL EXAM (BIG BAND ERA) Here are some questions to help you organize your thoughts for the final exam. THIS IS NOT THE EXAM FORMAT. 1. What is the favored instrumentation for and organization of a swing/big band? 2. Why was Fletcher Henderson important as a band leader? 3. Who were Jimmy Lunceford and Cy Oliver? How did Lunceford's band arrangements differ from Henderson's? 4. Explain the contributions of the late 1930s Basie rhythm section. Who were the performers? What are the characteristics of Kansas City swing? 5. Describe Billie Holiday's style. Who were her early musical influences? What was her nickname? 6. Describe the tenor sax tone of Lester Young. What style of jazz did he influence? What was his nickname? 7. Describe Ella Fitzgerald's style of singing. How did her vocal style differ from Billie Holiday's? Fitzgerald was called “The First Lady of Swing.” Why? 8. Why was Benny Goodman important as a player and as a band leader? Discuss his style of playing. 9. Who were Teddy Wilson and Lionel Hampton? What instruments did they play? 10. What is Ellington's role in jazz history? What arranging concepts did Ellington pioneer in jazz? 11. Who were Ellington's most influential musicians and what instruments did they play? 12. Who was Billy Strayhorn and what did he contribute? 13. The many types of bands, large and small, before 1940 were associated mostly with: a. funerals b. dancing c. jazz concerts 14.What instruments did the following musicians play and what bands were they associated with? a. Duke Ellington
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Final Review Questions - Music 78A REVIEW FOR FINAL...

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