History of Jazz (78A) Final Exam Listening1

History of Jazz (78A) Final Exam Listening1 - Final Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Listening Final Exam Listening – Music Upon Which to Focus Below, please find the listening pieces you should concentrate on for the final exam. All listening excerpts will be taken from the Swing Era section of the course, including the music of Billie Holiday and Ella Ftizgerald. Be familiar with the music: structure of the piece, style of the bands and their leaders/arrangers, important soloists, and any other information pertinent to that selection. Make sure you have watched the videos which accompany the big band music. Big Bands I (Fletcher Henderson, Jimmy Lunceford, Bob Crosby) I. Swing Era #2. Wrappin It up (Know the band leader and title) #3 Stratosphere (Know the band leader and title) #5 Sugar Foot Stomp (Know the band leader and title) What earlier work is being quoted in this performance? Who was Fletcher Henderson and what was his contribution to the swing era? Describe a typical Henderson arrangement. Who else did Henderson wrote and arrange for? Describe Jimmy Lunceford’s band as is evident in this musical example.did Henderson wrote and arrange for?...
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