Shadow of the Silk Road

Shadow of the Silk Road - Shadow of the Silk Road Colin...

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Unformatted text preview: Shadow of the Silk Road Colin Thubron Jennifer Clift 2/12/08 Global Issues & Society T 330-520 Book Review The Silk Road is many routes connecting Asia to Europe traditionally used for trade. “It flows through the heart of Asia, but is has officially vanished, leaving behind it the pattern of its restlessness: counterfeit borders, unmapped peoples. The road forks and wanders wherever you are. It is not a single way, but many: a web of choices.” (Thubron, 3). Traveling upon the Silk Road through China today your experience will be that of a blend of many cultures striving for technological advances that they are achieving rapidly. “It is the stir of things transforming, of peoples intermingling and transmuting one another This, I recognize, is the merchant’s reality: everything convertible, kaleidoscopic. This purity of cultures, even the Chinese, becomes an illusion… To follow a road is to follow diversity: a flow of interlocked voices.” (Thubron, 31). Since the culture revolution China has been reaching towards keeping up with the westerners. “The future can hardly wait. The whole city is in a turmoil of construction. Every other site is marked by a giant computer image of what will be there- glass-and- tile institutes and company headquarters topped by tilted eaves and temple turrets like paper hats… the whole stretches of avenue become futuristic theatre- sets.” (Thubron, 8). Though China is becoming westernized you will still find sets....
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Shadow of the Silk Road - Shadow of the Silk Road Colin...

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