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study guide test two - HIST 1131 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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Auerbach Exam #2 is worth 20% of your grade in this class. You will have 75 minutes to complete the exam. Part I : Fill-in the blank. You will be given a list of terms and asked to select a term that best completes the sentence. There will be 10 questions and each question will be worth 2 points. For example: Plato writes many of his philosophies as dialogues involving _______________. You’ll then have to select the correct term that completes this sentence from a list of terms provided. (The correct answer is “Socrates”). You’ll do well on this section of the exam if you are familiar with the following terms: Alexander Gravitas Oedipus Socrates Idealist Plato Parthia Materialist Protagoras Apatheia Sophists Diocletius Constantine Rome Theory of Forms Ulysses Euthyphro Stoics Troy Ate Aristotle Antigone Creon Tarquin the Proud Gauls Nemisis Augustus Caesar Humanism Parthenon Theory of Recollection Gadfly Natural Law Pre-Socratics Hannibal Wisdom Persian Wars Pandora Xenophanes Vertical View Concilium plebes Pax Romana
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study guide test two - HIST 1131 Exam#2 Study Guide...

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