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Test Two Review - Chapter one Neolithic farmers sought a...

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Chapter one Neolithic farmers sought a stable and secure life through agriculture. The basic pattern of Mesopotamian life was developed by the Sumerians . The Sumerians developed all of the following except worship of a single, all-powerful god. The Sumerians did develop writing, mathematics, and medical knowledge. In 2331 bc Sumer was conquered and its civilization was spread by Sargon. The law code proclaimed by Hammurabi regulated such things as tenant-landlord relations and marriage. Amon, Ra, and Horus were Egyptian gods. The Egyptian ruler came to be called the Pharoah. In Egypt, the pyramids served as tombs. Egyptian civilization differed from that of Mesopotamia in that In Egypt slavery became widespread relatively late, around 1570 bc. An important contribution of the Hyksos to Egyptian culture was bronze weapons and tools. For women, the evolution of Jewish society led to Less freedom of action- especially in religious life. King Solomon is important in Hebrew history for which of the following reasons? He divided Isreal into twelve new territorial districts. The migratory invasions of the late 13 th c BC resulted in all of the following except the complete loss of the cultural legacy of the ancient near east. The Hebrew religion was based on the concept of the covenant. The Assyrians built and sustained their empire through a combination of terror and military might. The Persian king Cyrus the Great carried out a foreign policy based on tolerance of other cultures. The Zoroastrian religion stressed which of the following? The constant battle between
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evil and good. The main civilizing influence on Nubian and Libyan cultures was Egypt. The Phoenicians prospered mainly from trading and exploring. The single most important contribution of the contribution of the Phoenicians to western civilization was a simplified writing system. At its height which of the following empires controlled more territory than any other near eastern state? Persia Which two empires established a balance of power that in the near east that included a third? The Egyptian and the Hittite. Chapter two
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Test Two Review - Chapter one Neolithic farmers sought a...

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