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fiction vs nonfiction - biographies, cook books, and other...

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Fiction vs. Non-fiction 10/2/07 Jennifer Clift Fiction tells stories. Typically fiction is considered entertainment. It is usually created entirely in the author’s mind. Fiction may contain and be based off of factual places, factual people, and actual events that happened, but for the most fiction is an account of the unreal. It can be based from a real situation that the writer simply embellished on, but the intention of fiction is not to provide an accurate account of any event, person, etc. Fiction includes short stories, video games, novels, and fairy tales. Fiction writers have the freedom to be creative and write entirely what they want. These writers do not need to worry about giving readers a false sense of reality as a result of that freedom. Non-fiction is everything that doesn’t fall into the fiction genre. It includes self- help books, text books, user manuals, diaries, blue prints, scientific papers, journals, essays, almanacs, letters, and memoirs. political books, documentaries, pictures,
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Unformatted text preview: biographies, cook books, and other books that are factual. Non-fiction is created from research and contains facts and truthful information. Though it is not always entirely accurate it can generally be considered truthful. Writers of non-fiction are restricted in creativity because they must write what is true. The intention of this writing is to provide an accurate depiction of an event, person, etc. Fiction and non-fiction can have some similarities. They can be similar in the actual writing style. Non-fiction is written to the point without much fluff. Fiction is generally thought of as imaginative, descriptive writing. However, sometimes you will find non-fiction that is incredibly exciting and descriptive while still informative and factual. Also, fiction can be written in a very plain, dry way. Both genres can also be presented in the same way. Examples of this are documentaries and cartoon movies. Both are movies but one is truthful and the other is imagined....
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fiction vs nonfiction - biographies, cook books, and other...

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