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CMoG Branding Assignment

CMoG Branding Assignment - Petrillo 1 Neale Petrillo...

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Petrillo 1 Neale Petrillo Professor W. Ganis Museum Road Trip! 17 October, 2007 The Branding of the Corning Museum of Glass The Corning Museum of Glass (located in the scenic metropolis of Corning, New York) unarguably contains one of the world’s foremost collections of glass art and literature concerning glass. Unfortunately, the Corning Museum has fallen victim to what James Twitchell refers to as “Museum World” in his 2004 book Branded Nation. The Corning Museum, like so many others, has moved away from the higher calling by which museums were conceived and down-stepped into the modern world of commercialism. Furthermore, the museum has “branded” itself in precisely the way Twitchell describes it. The Corning Museum has moved away from the preservation of and display of art and wholeheartedly embraced the world of marketing, sales, competition, and money. From the internationally identifiable “CMoG” label, to the centrally located gift shop featuring all kinds of articles ranging from one dollar trinkets to thousand dollar display pieces, all the way up to the one-of-a-kind “make your own glass” workshop. First, I will discuss the most obvious form of branding: the CMoG label. Everything these days has a label; brands are used for several different purposes. Foremost, a label distinguishes. No other museum in the world uses the Corning Museum’s CMoG lettering and circle logo; but, how does this help the museum? Ideally, at least according to Twitchell, museums wouldn’t need a label; they would be able to support themselves through their endowment and trustees and thus wouldn’t need to be readily identifiable to the masses. However, this is not the case. Due to the
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lack of endowment, little to no funding from state and federal governments, an absolutely huge surge in the number of organization calling themselves museums, and a sharp increase in operating expenses it has become vitally important for a museum to identify itself to the consumer. In that way museums can ensure a steady stream of revenue from admissions. This
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CMoG Branding Assignment - Petrillo 1 Neale Petrillo...

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