The Sycamore Tree- A Wells Tradition

The Sycamore Tree- A Wells Tradition - Neale Petrillo...

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Neale Petrillo Professor Ganis Museum Road Trip 5 September 2007 The Sycamore Tree: A Wells Tradition Nestled neatly in the quiet, sleepy town of Aurora, New York, lays Wells College; a private institution wholeheartedly devoted to education. The main Wells campus is not very large (although, many first year students, whose classes are scattered throughout, would disagree). Nevertheless, the campus manages to encapsulate a sense of grandeur through art and architecture. From the tall tower of Main Building, to the elegant steps of Macmillan hall, from the winding corridors of the Long Library, to the modern sophistication of Stratton Hall, the Wells campus is truly magnificent. However, nothing is more important to the landscape and rituals of Wells than the great sycamore tree. Traditions and rituals at Wells College are often described as the backbone of student life. During orientation week each freshman is indoctrinated with the overwhelming number of traditions, ceremonies, and songs; in this manner incoming students are connected with those of yesteryear and the close-knit Wells family grows. Traditions also throw students together in unusual and often embarrassing ways; thus, the whole student body bonds in fashions not normally conceived. At the center of all this joy and clamor lies the sycamore tree. The Wells sycamore is arguably the oldest part of the campus. Pictures of the original main building under construction revel that the young tree was planted before even the first building was completed. This places the tree’s “birthday” before the year 1868 (the year the first Main building was opened). That makes the tree approximately 140 years old. Take a minute to appreciate what this means;
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The Sycamore Tree- A Wells Tradition - Neale Petrillo...

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