Quiz1F03sol - ff byte is $EC altogether $EA E9 EC (10)...

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EE319K Fall 2003 Quiz 1 Solution Page 1 Jonathan W. Valvano September 26, 2003 11:00am-11:50am (5) Question 1. Answer A,B,C,D,E A) nonvolatile (5) Question 2. Answer $00 to $FF 171=16*10+11= $AB (4) Part 3a. Specify RegB 101-110 = -9 which is –9+256 = 247 (2) Part 3b. Specify 0 or 1 C=1 because –9 is out of range (2) Part 3c. Specify 0 or 1 V=0 because –9 is in range (2) Part 3d. Specify 0 or 1 Z=0 because the result is not zero (2) Part 3e. Specify 0 or 1 N=1 because the result is negative (10) Question 4. Specify D D = 0.001 (10) Question 5. Show the machine code convert 20 to 9-bit binary 0,0001,0100, 16+4 complement 1,1110,1011, then add one to get -20 in 9-bit binary 1,1110,1100 op code is $EA, xb byte 9-bit Y index is $E9, (negative)
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Unformatted text preview: ff byte is $EC altogether $EA E9 EC (10) Question 6. What value is pushed address of next instruction is $F126 (10) Question 7. Simplified memory cycles R/W Addr Data changes (memory, RegY not changed) 1 $F129 $EA IR=$EA, PC=$F12A 1 $F12A $4A EAR=$098A, PC=$F12B 1 $098A $8A RegB=$8A (40) Question 8. Write the assembly language program that implements a thermostat. org $f000 main movb #$FF,DDRB output is heater movb #0,DDRA input is temperature sensor loop ldaa PORTA check temperature cmpa #2*68 too cold? bhs notCold movb #$FF,PORTB turn on heater notCold cmpa #2*72 too hot? bls notHot movb #$00,PORTB turn off heater notHot bra loop org $fffe fdb main...
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