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Name:__________ THEA 1200 Cherry Orchard Quiz 1.) The cherry orchard winds up belonging to ___ at the end of the play. A. Gayev B. Konstantin C. Lopakhin D. Firs 2.) Whenever Gayev runs out of things to say, or otherwise quieted, he talked about ___. A. The Orchard B. His Sister C. Love Poetry D. Pool 3.) Lopakhin says that the estate can be saved if they were to ___. A. Carve it up for rentals B. Farmed it C. Recruit more peasants D. Petition for a grant from the Czar 4.) Chekov dictates in Act II, that there should be the sound of a string breaking in the field. A. TRUE B. FALSE 5.) Trofimov once loved the orchard, but now he loves ___. A.
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Unformatted text preview: Lyubov B. Anya C. Varya D. Music 6.) Firs laments that the postmaster and stationmaster are attending their party, as opposed to ___ as it once was. A. Young, energetic people B. Barons and lords C. Beautiful women D. Pool players 7.) Yepikhodov has numerous accidents during the ball scene. A. TRUE B. FALSE 8.) Firs is sent to the hospital at the end of the play. A. TRUE B. FALSE 9.) The first room in the house that characters come to is the ___. A. Dining room B. Kitchen C. Nursery D. Conservatory 10.) Madame Ranevskaya is actually quite wealthy, but sells the estate to get away. A. TRUE B. FALSE...
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