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trifles quiz - A note D A dead bird 6 As the sheriff's wife...

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Name:__________ THEA 1200 Trifles Quiz 1.) Mr. Wright was killed by ____. A. Shooting B. Stabbing C. Poisoned Jam D. Strangulation 2.) The only surviving jar of preserves is ____. 3.) The women bring Mrs. Wright ____ to keep her mind occupied in jail. 4.) Lewis Hale finds Wright dead when he comes to investigate after he hears screaming from the farm. A. TRUE B. FALSE 5.) The ladies find what in the fancy box?
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Unformatted text preview: A note D. A dead bird 6.) As the sheriff's wife, they say that Mrs. Peters is also ____. A. Married to the law B. A community leader C. Dangerous D. Helpful 7.) Farmer Wright was known as a grim man among the women. A. TRUE B. FALSE 8.) The men find all of the evidence they are looking for in the kitchen. A. TRUE B. FALSE 9.) When Mrs. Wright was a young girl, she was known for her ___. A. Housekeeping B. Sewing C. Cooking D. Singing 10.) The women try to tell the men what it is they find in the kitchen. A. TRUE B. FALSE...
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