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Fences Quiz - A he has a birth defect B he was hurt in an...

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Name:__________ THEA 1200 Fences Quiz 1.) Troy works as a ____ at the beginning of the play. A. Garbage Truck Driver B. Carpenter C. Garbage Truck Loader D. Baseball Player 2.) Cory has been recruited to play _____ at college. A. Baseball B. Basketball C. Hockey D. Football 3.) Troy claims that he bought his furniture from _____. A. Death B. The Devil C. His Boss D. Bono 4.) Troy claims to be immortal because he killed Death in a wrestling match. A. TRUE B. FALSE 5.) Troy stops Cory from playing sports because Cory _____. A. B. isn't really all that good. C. forged a check for Lyons. D. joined the Marines. 6.) Gabriel has a metal plate in his head because _____.
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Unformatted text preview: A. he has a birth defect. B. he was hurt in an industrial accident. C. he was wounded in the war. D. it makes him easier to control. 7.) Rose gladly accepts both the baby and Troy back into the house and into her family. A. TRUE B. FALSE 8.) Lyons is a musician, despite the fact that it makes no money and he is reliant on his girlfriend. A. TRUE B. FALSE 9.) Gabriel blows his trumpet at the end of the show to ____. A. let Troy into heaven. B. show how much he learned. C. tell everyone it is time for the funeral. D. express his independence. 10.) Cory elects to stay away from his father's funeral by the end of the play. A. TRUE B. FALSE...
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