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Name:__________ THEA 1200 Topdog/Underdog Quiz 1.) Booth has decided to change his name to _____. A. John Wilkes B. Edmund C. 3-Card D. Monty 2.) Lincoln works as an _____. A. Lincoln Impersonator B. Waiter C. He Doesn't D. Blackjack Dealer 3.) Lincoln rides the bus in his costume because _____. A. He thinks it is funny B. It is his only clothing C. He is required to by his boss D. He doesn't have time to take it off 4.) Booth has already spent the inheritance he got from his mother. A. TRUE B. FALSE 5.) Booth's primary business is _____. A. Hustling Cards B. Shoplifting
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Unformatted text preview: C. Selling Furniture D. Washing Dishes 6.) Lincoln steals twenty dollars from _____. A. An Old Lady B. Booth C. A Kid on the Bus D. His Parents 7.) Lincoln lives with his wife, Cookie, but prefers to spend nights with Booth. A. TRUE B. FALSE 8.) The brothers have their names because their father thought it was funny. A. TRUE B. FALSE 9.) Lincoln is worried that he will be replaced by a _____. A. White Man B. Wax Dummy C. Taller Guy D. Video Recording 10.) Booth shoots Lincoln near the end of the play. A. TRUE B. FALSE...
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