Exam5s06 - rm thS'T RNSIAEEL quarters in 1 You distan a new Hquid whith has.1 density of s = mung-gm“ If you make a standard style bil-I'DIDB'LET

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Unformatted text preview: rm? thS'T RNSIAEEL quarters? in??? 1. You distan a new Hquid whith has .1. density of s = mung-gm“. If you make a standard style bil-I'DIDB'LET fling this liquid, hm; high will the liquid he [in mate-ts} en a rlay when the air pat-HIKE is 10“ Paseals? mesh E [2:15 [tier {432 (5)20 93 t m 1') i'x i CPS m 2. it rubber ball at volume etii m3 and deualty seeing; m3 is submerged in matter {density "llllflkgf m3}. and relmtierl. Ignoring mm“ resist-thee, what will he the magnitude of the thtI-tion of the ball in inf all? {1] a) (2} s {ii} iii L. {a} 12 {iii at _l NEE Farr—L : ' (ill-was} 3. kt —Q-"'QJH11H}NS‘IF ‘I 0t '. Es _ ; D at 3. Two identical traveling wan-rm eaeh with are 'tiide y, are D "'3 the sage direi’itien and have a phase diflemnre ef Lflu 17,92 radians “m is the amplitude nf the resultant “111?? {I} fit: é- IIE} flit (3} fl {-1} we“? {5) we 5le ‘1 4:333“qu 13 5in( "It‘itwiit t?) z) HWLML ; 23%;? t 53 ‘1- A mbe woe-<11 of length it meters. in an edge, is flmtiugiu watt-I [density {min = ML 40% al' it is above the water line. A eeie is placed on top (if the cube. and it sinks down Bi Little 5!) that ml]; 30% til' it is above the we mm is the weight at" the min in Nations? 3}. :1“: .,. L.- Etirt its : 0.1%“;ng my Etta as = mmg : NW [1} aid-199., {2} 03¢“ng {a} steam, {41 inseam {5} (1.?me '1'}? West” 1 D‘lciia Qw 5. A pin-her puts spin en the ball at} that it curves before it readles the better. This can be used as a demnnstrmion 01' which pilgrims phenumennn? Bermulli’s Principle {2] Arnhemedtet’ Pfint'iplt'. [3-] Densenatisn of Angular Momentum Pascal's Prineiple 5 Kinetie {IF-“'14- nservatien ti. The speed of a wave on a terrain stretched string is tr. What is the speed of a wave en a string made our the same mterial, but with ileuhle the radius and deuble the tension at the first string? {1] turd? [3} if: [4] fit: {ii} it {thi “J: it: fill/i: L N-Tt' -r~ r 51" 9% ‘t I” 13.33. thm r1: 1 [41 fl. U ‘i'. Zorg is a firm-[It p . ame mass as the Earth. but with twice the radius. 1t'lii'hat is the mlrsatien of grail-it}- 011 the surface of EDIE. in units of 111;" 512‘? _ fi {1] 2.5 a} c [2} El {a} If! {4} El] {5} 4'0 3 .r “Li-$6]; Shir at! m2: mE I": 1' ll":- 9 31-: is: El. Tth recap-e tehmity Etc-m the surface of the Earth is approximately 12 til} it. What is the‘rmeape velocity from the surface ef the planet Borg? Give your amer in units at ref 5. [1} write [2} ise’ii [tile (-1] 2.1 {5) ti v?“ ; 1.6%“— ?? VIELL " fi vile“ 9.21 “kg lead bell and a lDt'ilrg lead hell are separated by a dimmer: ef12m. A small state of mam llfll kg. is plaeed at the precise spot where the forces of gratittr on the strait,- from the twu lead Luilis eaneel, so that the rter gravitational force on the stone from the lead balls is rate. How rim; in meters, is the stene fi'em the smafler lead ball? Newton’s grewth constant is G L 6.6? x iii-1' timing? [114 [2}3 [sit (4)24 {5} is -e i, grit-in x it >- Gl‘l-OOLOI Jleflflkfi I j) arij uni) :) 39.4.!“ ND 4790 XL W??? 17???? ll]. The graph Show; the velocity as n. filnctifln or time. fur a man: millating dawn and up on the and of a spring. At which of thx' htbelcd points is the Luaglfitude of the mceleratifln the greatvfit? {imba- Lulvq,‘ he 51¢H 'IJ- fliehhd‘ :1) at "Em-ox“ Q u} A {23113 [3] c («1] D {a} F. 11. Twn 1kg blacks are 5th.:de um! cm the other. The meEm-ieut of static: fi'ic- tinn hrm'fl'n [1113 5:10:35 is u, = I11. Th1: lower Hat is flttzfl‘hfld tn :1 spring “5—5 - - - - - ' — "3" with a 5mm; wmmmt I: —_ IIISINE.r In. What '15 the muiumm amplitude of the mdlLar'mn which allows the him-1%; m remain one on [Up of Line other k without slipping”? Give yum: ImenI in units of mart-1'5. Nu l q _, -L¢“Rcm1wb) Ear—1,, -. ma ‘5 [11 {1.2 (2} 2 {33 0.1 {4] 1 (511;: E” “‘tk‘tt-nh gma=1ifir“j “' 1NJ‘J‘NM: 1 1M; £3) 1:.Q'H $9. 12. h 1 kg block nn tth' and at" a sprng with a. Spring mnsmn'} k -— 9 N_.-" LLI. The maflmurn speed (If the blunt}: 1'3 12 Ill; 5. “11m 15 I'll? unplitudfl k *1: - - - - - - t t 'D- nfthr millations. ill units of unaturx'.’ w 2F - 2 mm 1'- “ M? w m' Vt—mfis‘mhfl {1; 4 [2] a (3;. 36 [4} 24 {.3} 1E ILHJr's-~u:¢-..' (“a ‘ 1—}- milgjfl' R 54-h z 13. Ifsfing a rope 3U metem 10113; tin at our: {and to the wall. :mu makt' a standing wave with tum mm-dr-s liqihlt‘ between pan and the “15.1.1. What it: tho. wavelength of this standing TF1“? in meters-3’ {132$} m {2) m m [3] 1.5 m [41m 111 (.5) 45. m mam. 1'” * lent :3 x220“ ...
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Exam5s06 - rm thS'T RNSIAEEL quarters in 1 You distan a new Hquid whith has.1 density of s = mung-gm“ If you make a standard style bil-I'DIDB'LET

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