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PDA 201 Exam 2 study guide - Michael Klatsky test 2 notes/...

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Michael Klatsky test 2 notes/ study guide The military has a clear cut policy toward gays—no gays allowed. Does this mean one cannot serve if they are born gay? No. this means they must be in the closet, in line with the military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy. The basis for this per Sgt. Maj. S. H. Mellinger of the Marine Corps Gazette is Leviticus 20:13— If he also lie with mankind as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them . Is homosexuality really that terrible that those men who enjoy sexual relations with other men deserve to be killed? Michener says no. he brings up the importance of recognizing the circumstance of the ancient Hebrew. The world they inhabited was a world of brutal and uncivilized brutes, people who raped their mothers and abominations everywhere. In such a situation it was probably necessary to enact such a strict moral code of laws. However, we must not look at these “commands [ments]” at face value—should we enforce curseth his father or mother shall surely be put to death ? I can see the world population drop off to nearly nothing very quickly. It is extremely important to note that we don’t kill children for cursing their parents or execute adulterers—western society has advanced way past that. In fact the very idea of something that the bible says should be taken literally at face value is something we don’t do; for many, the given that the bible has multiple interpretations is necessary. Different sects of single religions disagree on interpretations all the time; and sometimes each family can have its own interpretation, as is the case in Judaism. This is a very important perspective as it opens the door to new interpretation of biblical law and adjusts to the changing world we live in. Perhaps now a homosexual can be a devout Jew, Christian, or Muslim. In recent years it has been debated over what the actual cause for homosexuality in today’s men. In 1991 neuroscientists thought that there was a slight discrepancy between a specific node in the brain where the node in the gay patient is slightly smaller resulting in the theory that gays are ”built” differently . Another group of scientists did a wide range census which the result stated that “it is statistically more likely for a pair of identical twins to both be homosexuals than in non identical twins” which fits nicely with the study in 1991 since identical twins share the same genetic structure. Then Doctor Hammer and his research team announced in the journal of science the strongest evidence to date. Their study showed that there is a difference in the X chromosome within the DNA helix. The DNA helix has shown that certain traits are given over by the X chromosome like hemophilia. This is still not a fact since even a small strip of the DNA helix contains numerous amounts of x chromosomes; the hypothesis of such a finding can have a very dramatic effect on later generations. A set of
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PDA 201 Exam 2 study guide - Michael Klatsky test 2 notes/...

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