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POSC 422 Rendon “Keep a Two-By-Four Behind Your Desk” In the said case, “[y]ou are the assistant city manager of Academic City and this year you are in charge of budget preparations. Why you? The finance director is retiring and her replacement has not yet been recruited. Moreover, the budget director is new to the job. In this management-council city of 100,000 citizens, the budget has traditionally been the domain of the manager and finance director. The budget director’s position was added several years ago and the clerical, administrative, and accounting details of budget making begin to distract the manager and finance director from their important budget decisions. The organization of the city government is still rather loose and informal.” For this problem, you recruit the aid of Lester Standeford, who is new, and is well known for producing conclusions and holding onto information. Therefore, this year you are telling Standeford straight out what his job will be. His assignment is to produce a “De-Em- Eye”- decision-making information. The following Monday morning Standeford is in your office with recommendations for the city, with no data to backup his recommendations he is told to go back with specific instructions on his task and to come back with data so the city manager can make his recommendations. This issue is a small sample of the issues this city could face in the future. Due to the nature of cities and their potential for growth, this organization should look more into team management. Reasons for this recommendation include the organization of the city government is rather loose and informal, the finance director is retiring, the recommendations going to the city council has to be appropriate and accurate, and
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important tasks are given to an individual not to a team. Granted that this is a small city by comparison but cities always have the potential for growth, therefore organizing teams to carry specific tasks and establishing a more formal work environment would be beneficial. When putting together specific teams one has to remember that teams focus on collective work products and performance results. In a workplace, a team is a group of people pooling their talent, skills, talents, skills, knowledge, and experience in a mutually supportive effort to complete a project, reach a goal, or solve a problem. Due to the complexity, and sensitive nature of preparing reports for recommendations, and city budgeting, it would be in the best interest for the city manager to recruit senior members of the city staff and form project teams. Project teams as the name implies are teams of specialists brought together to perform important assignments with clearly defined goals and deadlines. In this case, the project team would prepare the “De-Em-Eye” report with
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POSC 422 Paper 1 - POSC 422 Rendon"Keep a Two-By-Four...

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