PHL 260 Applied Ethics paper

PHL 260 Applied Ethics paper - Michael Klatsky Professor...

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Michael Klatsky Professor Everet green Ethics in Business October 23, 2007 Product safety and the Mattel toy incident Product safety is crucial to the American consumer. Many of us will not buy any product that we feel is unsafe and may harm our physical well-being. A company that has a reputation for safety, such as Volvo in the automobile industry, can sell products based on safety alone with the coolness factor noticeably absent. However, as of recent years we have had more interest in lower prices and more importantly - extreme low prices, so low that the cost of many goods has fallen well below the cost to manufacture those goods in the United States. Lower wages globally has allowed us (Americans) to use our high salaries to buy many items that are artificially low priced. These extreme low prices come with a high price, however. With razor-thin profit margins combined with workers not receiving a living wage, product safety has been placed on the back-burner for many overseas manufacturers. Our economy has become so large and widespread that we (Americans) are globally dependant. The vast availability of cheaper labor and parts from all over the world makes production of many consumer products in the United States nearly impossible in order to stay competitive. With this reality most companies have no direct control over the manufacture of their very own products. Mattel, the world's largest toymaker contracts its toy production to Chinese companies who make them for considerably less money than their American counterparts. The contract to manufacture
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toy cars from the recent movie Cars had been awarded to Early Light Industrial, a Chinese toy manufacturer. Early Light Industrial proceeded subcontract the painting of the cars to an third company, Hong Li Da Industries. The company subcontracting its
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PHL 260 Applied Ethics paper - Michael Klatsky Professor...

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