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Injuries to Muscles, Bones, and Joints Signs of a possible injury: Significant deformity. Bruising and swelling. Difficulty using the part normally. Bone protruding from a wound. Injured person feels a grating of bones or felt/heard a snap or pop at the time the injury occurred. The injured area is cold and numb. Caring for a Muscle, Bone or Joint injury RICE R est – Don’t move or straighten the injured area. I mmobilize – Stabilize the injured area in the same position it was found in. Do not splint the injured part unless the person must be moved and doing so does not cause more pain. C old – Fill a plastic bag or cloth with ice and apply it to the injured area for periods of 20 minutes . If more icing is needed separate icings with periods of 20 minutes. Always keep a thin barrier between the ice and the skin. E levate – Don’t elevate the injured part if it causes added pain to the injured area.
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Sudden Illness Signs of Sudden Illness: Person feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or suddenly becoming unconscious. Nausea or vomiting. Slurred speech or difficulty speaking. Weakness or numbness. Loss or blurring of vision. Difficulty breathing. Change in skin tone. Sweating. Caring for Sudden Illness Check the scene for clues about the problem and then check the person. Call 9-1-1 in the even of life threatening conditions such as broken bones,
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CPRSkillCard - Injuries to Muscles Bones and Joints Signs...

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