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Political Science 2 (Comparative Governments) Spring 2008 Review Notes (Exam #2) Dr. Jackson 1. Review previous notes from exam #1 for comparisons. 2. Impact of geography/history on Germany (natural borders, political decisions, religious divisions, etc.) 3. Thirty Years War. 4. SPD. 5. When was the FRG founded? 6. The emergence of the Nazi party. 7. Bismarck’s first war. 8. The diversity of the German people. 9. Where was the Second Reich proclaimed? 10. How long did the Weimar Republic last? 11. What was the most dangerous historical problem that Bismarck left Germany with? 12. The impact of religion on Germany. 13. The term given to Hitler’s campaign to conquer the Soviet Union was called? 14. West Germany was founded in ______ out of the ________. 15. What led to the rise of German nationalism? 16. The 1555 formula for ending Germany’s religious wars is called? 17. Who was the leading Catholic power in the Thirty Years War? 18.
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PS2Review2Sp08 - Political Science 2 (Comparative...

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