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Bus 185 Exam #1 Spring 08 Study Guide operations in the service sector. lose-win situation. win-win situation. lose-lose situation.Resource development Plans, strategic, Tactical, Contingency, etc forces that impact global business. businesses and government ownership varies with governments Model Business Corporation Act PERT chart Golden Rule application. home-based businesses firm's control system compliance-based, integrity ethics code ISO 14000
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Unformatted text preview: ISO 9000 TQM 2003/2004 limited liability companies Theory of comparative advantage small businesses statistics CAD Types of mergers Deflation indicators mass production. Organization structures Leadership styles A country's people’s level of satisfaction difference between goals and objectives Control Process Capitalism, som, communism "Spotlight on Small Business" box in Chapter 5 Supply and Demand curve...
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  • Business, Corporation, Model Business Corporation, situation. win-win situation., mergers Deflation indicators, Corporation Act PERT, application. home-based businesses

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