Anthro 2A -FINAL Review Sheet ANSWERS

Anthro 2A -FINAL Review Sheet ANSWERS - Body Eugenia Kaw...

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Body Eugenia Kaw ( Opening Eyes )- plastic surgery as a form of internalized colonialism. Cultural stereotypes on what is beautiful and what is not. Subconscious. Racist stereotypes they’re taking action on. Plastic surgery as form on internalized colonialism - look at Eugenia Kaw. Susan Bordo ( The Slender Body ) -look at consumption vs. accumulation and capitalist contradiction. Consumption vs. Accumulation -from Bordo’s article. Tight ” Bodies as Cultural Symbols of Morality/Self-Control- I Enjoy Being a Girl ” (music videos and women’s capitalist role as primary consumers and sexualized objects)- Emily Martin ( The Egg and the Sperm )- Western Cultural Biases in Science - western science has frequently portrayed women’s sexual function as being very wasteful. Men are portrayed as productive. Our science has been biased or skewed by our societies stereotypes. Arguing that science is influenced by culture-society. Race Stephen J. Gould (Race is cultural construct)- Human Variation as a Continum - from Gould’s article; How to measure variation, Defining races does not allow us to see variation. Clines —refer to the fact that populations do adapt to a particular environment, but this does not constitute race. Sickle Cell Anemia and Other “Racial” Variations - lot of ppl in Africa/Mediterranean have it. Defense mechanism vs. malaria b/c you can’t have both. Not racially based. Higher prevalence, but not linked to race but where they are from. Marvin Harris (Bundled Traits)- take few features to define a race. There are no bundled traits or concordance of features—if we tried to biologically distinguish people into separate races based on a number of shared traits such as skin color, hair, blood types, allergies, the result would be hundreds of different races. IQ Tests - they are culture-bound. Contingent on history… They test familiarity with cultural background. Cultural Bias - Paul Broca - 1861, established Anthropology society of Paris. Claimed that Europeans were superior race. Tested on examined forearm length b/w diff. races. Shorter would mean more intelligent. Looked at some Africans, Europeans, and Asians. Africans had relatively longer forearms. Asians had relatively shorter forearm--shortest. Tried cranio capacity. Found that Mongols had the largest capacity, looked at skull length. Found that Africans had longest skulls. Looked at skull width—Germans had the widest. He checked the degree of entry of the foramen magnum (spinal cord hits neck). A smaller degree of angle supposedly meant more intelligent. Africans had smallest degree of entry. A Priori Assumptions - make an assumption before you go into research. You have biased thoughts in your mind. Foramen Magnum
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Anthro 2A -FINAL Review Sheet ANSWERS - Body Eugenia Kaw...

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